Note that this draft is subject to change! This draft is based on the costs of previous years operating Open Seattle. Expect a few more detailed changes, particularly to the quarterly events section, and the addition of other sections as needed.

To see a more detailed spreadsheet go here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HcB2pE7Dvfelcwyvuen450MrKz4ExYseSSLPdJUTJw8/edit?usp=sharing

2017 draft budget

Monthly events & costs

Monthly events include our regular talks night, where project leaders, community organizers, and government staff speak about civic technology. Monthly events also include weekly, monthly, and irregular project-focused working events.

$1450 per month.

$17,400.00 total for the year.

Quarterly events

Quarterly events include national and international events like National Day of Civic Hacking and International Open Data Day.

$4,900 per quarterly event.

$19,600.00 total for the year.

Total year budget

Monthly event costs: $17,400 Quarterly event costs: $19,600 Total for the year: $37,000