Lead organizers

Each year 5 lead organizers are selected to perform the core organizing duties of Open Seattle.

What we'll ask of you

  • 1-year term commitment. January through December
  • Attend monthly lead organizer meetings
  • Provide monthly update on activities at Open Seattle event
  • Attend events hosted by Open Seattle and other organizations to conduct outreach
  • Decide together which lead organizers will own specific responsibilities (tech, events, volunteer management, communications, fundraising, etc.)
  • Uphold, improve, & educate participants on Open Seattle code of conduct, contributing, and event policies.

What you'll get to do

  • Training in community organizing
  • Lead a team on a specific aspect of Open Seattle operations
  • Support the Seattle civic tech community
  • Shape the future of Open Seattle

Application process

Appointment process

  • A committee of 3 local community organizers will oversee the appointment process. This may be outgoing lead organizers, leaders of partner community organizations, or members of the board of the non-profit that fiscally sponsors Open Seattle.
  • Applications are reviewed and applicants are interviewed in the first two weeks of December.

FAQ about becoming a lead organizer

Do I need to have prior experience working with Open Seattle?

No, prior experience with Open Seattle is not required.

Do I need to write code?

No, most of the responsibilities of a lead organizer do not include writing code.