What counts as an Open Seattle project?

In most cases, Open Seattle does not own the civic tech projects of Seattle. If you lead a project, that project is yours to do with as you wish. Our goal is to help get you the resources you need, match you up with team members to work on the project, and help with promotion when your project is ready.

How do I get started working on a project?

There are a few options for getting started:

How do I find others to join me on a project?

  • Attend an Open Seattle event and tell everyone about your project, the problem you're working to solve, and the skills you're looking for from team members.
  • Provide a link to your project and some notes about the team members you're looking to bring on in the Open Seattle slack.
  • List your project at

Internal Open Seattle projects

There are many projects, like the Open Seattle website, slack, & others, that are internal to & operated by Open Seattle. Those projects must:

  • Have and uphold a code of conduct based on the one in this repository: Code of Conduct.
  • Have clear contributing guidelines.

The above is also strongly recommended for any projects that people bring to Open Seattle events.